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Latex Information

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General Summary of Report:

ELISA Inhibition Assay (ASTMD6499-00):

The samples were assayed using seven 2-fold serial dilutions in duplicate. The resulting data was calculated by using latex protein extracted from non-compounded ammoniated latex as the reference standard. The data is expressed as antigenic latex protein in micrograms/gram of sample and micrograms/dm2.

Samples Tested Mini Slippers Medium Slippers
ug/g < 0.2 < 0.2
ug/dm2 < 1.8 < 1.7

What this means to you:

Both samples show a below detection result. Therefore, no antigenic protein is present. The lowest amount of the protein that the test can detect is 0.3 micrograms/gram. See page 3 of report for further details.