Ideal for Square Legs
Without Glides


All Tennis Balls Are NOT Created Equal!

Choose from 3 different sizes to ensure a tight fit.


Golf ball size.
Designed for tapered Chair, Desk, and Table Legs
1/2” – 3/4” in diameter.


Plum size.
Designed for slightly larger, non-tapered Chair, Table, and Desk legs
7/8” – 1 ¼” in diameter.


Regular tennis ball size.
Perfect for stools and larger, non-tapered furniture legs
1 ¼” to 1 ¾” in diameter

Colors Available


Colors Available

Medium Slippers

Colors Available

Standard Slippers

We all know that tennis balls make the best chair glides. This has been proven through the test of time.

Are all tennis ball glides created the same? You have probably heard the cliché of comparing an apple to an orange. Tennis balls were made for playing tennis. ChairSlippers were specifically designed as chair glides. No tools or glue are needed for installation.

All components of ChairSlippers are made of the highest quality. The rubber is thicker and much more resilient than a regular tennis ball. ChairSlippers grip the chair leg better and stay on longer than a thin core tennis ball, cap or pad. The covering is made from a wool-nylon blend, which is much tougher than a polyester covering found on cheap tennis balls. This means that ChairSlippers easily outperform regular tennis balls and other glides that don’t stay on the chair leg.

The Bottom Line: Because of ChairSlippers rugged construction and smaller size, they stay on your chair legs longer, wear better and last longer than regular tennis balls and other chair glides. The end result is that you save lots of time and money on floor maintenance!